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House Prices & Home Values Round Lake, NY 2024

Average Data

average house price391503 $
average size per house2006 ft²
average price per ft²196 $ / ft²

The value range (VR) in house prices in Round Lake, NY is 190 $ / sqft to 190 $ / sqft. An average house scaling 2006 sqft costs about 381140 to 381140 USD. There are 1 ZIP codes in Round Lake, NY. The county is called: Saratoga. Lowest price can be found in ZIP area 12151 and highest in 12151. The average price per sqare feet is 196 US Dollar. We checked 22 property listings to calculate results.

Avergage prices by ZIP codes Round Lake

12151190 $ / ft²

How to sell in Round Lake, NY

150 sqft390 sqft
Ø selling price355.740 $756.757 $
Ø fast selling323.400 $681.081 $
Ø high price sale388.081 $832.432 $

In 2024, houses in Round Lake, NY will be offered at an average price of 196 $ per square feet. A 1.500 sqft apartment at 355.740 $ is 23% more expensive than a 3.900 sqft apartment at 756.757 / sqft. The prices called up in Round Lake, NY vary considerably depending on the popular location. For a quick sale, a 2.700 sqft apartment should cost around 523.909 $. Those who have more time can achieve a high selling price of 640.332 $.

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