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House Prices & Home Values Santa Teresa, NM 2024

Average Data

average house priceNAN $
average size per houseNAN ft²
average price per ft²NAN $ / ft²

The value range (VR) in house prices in Santa Teresa, NM is $ / sqft to $ / sqft. An average house scaling NAN sqft costs about NAN to NAN USD. There are 0 ZIP codes in Santa Teresa, NM. The county is called: Doña Ana. Lowest price can be found in ZIP area and highest in . The average price per sqare feet is NAN US Dollar. We checked 0 property listings to calculate results.

Avergage prices by ZIP codes Santa Teresa

How to sell in Santa Teresa, NM

150 sqft390 sqft
Ø selling pricenan $nan $
Ø fast sellingnan $nan $
Ø high price salenan $nan $

In 2024, houses in Santa Teresa, NM will be offered at an average price of NAN $ per square feet. A 1.500 sqft apartment at nan $ is 23% more expensive than a 3.900 sqft apartment at nan / sqft. The prices called up in Santa Teresa, NM vary considerably depending on the popular location. For a quick sale, a 2.700 sqft apartment should cost around nan $. Those who have more time can achieve a high selling price of nan $.

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